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Friends of the Library

Membership is open to all persons interested in supporting library services. No special skills or education are required. Anyone with an interest in helping the library is invited and encouraged to join.

The purpose of Friends of the Library is...

  • To promote growth of the Library in accordance with the needs of the community
  • To stimulate support for the public library
  • To sponsor projects and programs according to the interests of Friends for the benefit of the Library
  • To foster growth and improvement of the Library as a repository of knowledge and literature

Members of Friends of the Library do make a difference! Friends are major supporters of Story Hour and the Children's Summer Programs as well as the Travelling Art Exhibits held at the library. They raise funds through the Used Book Sale and through the annual Community Christmas Fair.

Friends of the Library have helped the Library by purchasing:

  • Equipment
  • Materials and Supplies for the Children’s Programs
  • Furniture (children’s tables and chairs)
  • Bulletin Board
  • Shelving

Membership Dues

Annual Membership

  • $5.00 Member
  • $15.00 Family
  • $50.00 Corporate

Lifetime Membership

  • $30.00 Individual
  • $50.00 Couple
  • $250.00 Corporate