Nevada Stronger Economies Together

PCEDA participates in Nevada Stronger Economies Together

Stronger Economies Together (SET) is a program developed in collaboration between USDA Rural Development and the four Regional Development Centers around the country.  The purpose of SET is to help rural communities/counties to work together as a regional team in developing and implementing an economic development blueprint that builds on the current and emerging economic strengths of their region.

PCEDA is a member of the Western Nevada Development District (WNDD).  WNDD formed a partnership with the Nevada USDA Rural Development Office, the University of Nevada Center for Economic Development, the University of Nevada Cooperative Extension, the Nevada Rural Development Council, the Nevada Small Business Development Center, and ConnectNevada to implement the SET program.


Western Nevada is an innovative, regional economy, rooted in sustainable development and enriched by the area's abundant natural resources and the collaboration of its independent unique communities.  Region-wide these prosperous communities demonstrate a forward-moving commitment to quality of life and to opportunity for all residents.

Strengths of the WNDD Region include:

  1. Available space for development.
  2. A friendly, low regulation, low tax business enviroment.
  3. Good regional infrastructure for roads, rail and airports.
  4. Abundant natural resources.
  5. An active, engaged citizenry, elected officials, business people, and government staff that is committed to economic development.

Would you like to learn more? Watch the video below or vist the Stronger Economies Together Website.