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All of Pershing County NV

Nevada US-96 I-80 Futures Annual Ex

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Formerly known as Winnemucca Futures, the name change reflects our  expanded regional approach that lines up with the formation of Nevada 95-80 RDA, a new regional development authority authorized through the Governor’s Office of Economic Development that serves the counties of Pershing and Humboldt, and the cities of Lovelock and Winnemucca. We are committed to delivering the economic information and outlook that our communities along Interstate 80 in Northern Nevada have come to rely upon.

Nevada US-95 I-80 Futures presents this annual economic outlook for the Pershing/ Humboldt County region. Speakers representing our leading businesses will share up-to-the minute information, trends, expansions, and their company’s outlook and growth for the upcoming year.

In addition to our speakers quick updates, this year we have two keynote speakers: Ralph Runge of West Coast Salmon Nevada and Alexi Zawadzki, CEO of Lithium Nevada. These billion-dollar projects, slated to break ground early 2022, bring incredible jobs and supply chain opportunities to our region.

Nevada US-95 I-80 Futures encourages community growth, shares business intelligence, and busts many of the myths about rural economic development.