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All of Pershing County NV

A flowering tree in the middle of a cemetery
A pillar-type headstone with the name Talcott in captial letters. A black wrought-iron fence in the sits in front of a series of large, desert hills in the background.
A grey box-like headstone with two plaques in front of snow-topped mountains.
Two rows of graves with trees in the background.
A wooden sign on two posts reading
A headstone with a metal plaque and bouquets of flowers on either side.
A black metal sign on two tall metal posts. The sign reads
Rows of decorated graves with cement curbing around the plots.
Large black metal sign on tall poles that reads
A rock tombstone with a carving of an open book. The book engraving reads
A decorative wire fence, painted in black with rows of graves in the background.
A cemetery around a central memorial area with a flagpole. Trees and a mountain in the background.
Large, black metal sign that reads