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County Undertakes Update to the Master Plan and Development Code

The Pershing County Commission approved a contract with Stantec Consulting in May 2021 to update the Pershing County Master Plan and County Code. The Master Plan has not been formally revisited since its adoption nearly a decade ago necessitating changes to bring the document in line with current land use and development strategies and standards, as well as integrating new information such as the adopted Water Resource Plan, recent US Census data, and input on the community vision and guiding principles. This is where we need Community Input.

An important objective in this process is hearing from residents to shape the county’s vision and principles. We will hold a series of meetings throughout the update process. These meetings will be limited to one hour at 10:00 am during a weekday. Until it is safe to meet in person, they will be virtual. The county will notify residents and any others who wish to participate by newspaper and website. At this time, the consultant is gathering data and getting an understanding of adopted documents.

Please check back soon and we look forward to our first community engagement meeting.

Thank you,
James Evans, Planning & Building Director